The next CWGM to be held in Madrid is the fourth of a series that started in Kyoto University 2006 and continued through Greifswald-IPP 2007 and Toki-NIFS 2007.

The foreseen list of topics for discussion is essentially the same as in the last two CWGMs with the exception of one major novelty:  a session on reactor assessment. So, the tentative list of fixed topics (open to further suggestions) is:

-Technical issues on the database

-High performance, high beta

-Effects of iota/shear on confinement

-Impurity transport

-Flow and momentum transport

-Edge physics

-Reactor assessment

 Additional topics such as 3-D effects in tokamaks, integrated/predictive transport codes, heating and current drive physics, fast particle confinement, etc., are also envisaged.

A session on neoclassical transport will be included in the KTW, following the CWGM.

 The idea of appointing session coordinators who animate and organize the individual contributions to each session was launched in Greifswald-IPP 2007. It has proven to be fruitful and efficient. We plan to follow also this procedure and, for this purpose, suitable candidates will be contacted in the coming days. 

A second announcement with further information on technical and logistic aspects of the CWGM will be sent by the end of July. Please, forward this message to anyone not in the list, who you think might be interested.


C I E M A T (Madrid)

Contact Person

Dr Enrique Ascasibar Zubizarreta

Lab Nacional de Fusión por Confinamiento Magnético
Avda Complutense , 22
28040 Madrid (Spain)

telf: +34 913466369
Fax: +34 913466124