Post-deadline contributions

Procedure for post-deadline submissions.

Post-deadline contributions to the conference are limited to the presentation of new results, obtained after the original abstract submission deadline (February 24).

Abstracts of post-deadline contributions must be sent to, on Friday, June 24, 16:00 CEST at the latest. Later submissions will not be considered. Please indicate clearly whether you wish to present the contribution as oral or poster.

On Sunday, prior to the conference, the Programme Committee will meet and decide what contributions to accept and how to allot the very limited number of post-deadline oral slots.

On Monday, June 27, a notice will be put up on the Conference Noticeboard, indicating the presentation type of each post-deadline contribution (oral or poster), the corresponding reference number, and the day, time, and location of the presentation.

Post-deadline contributors should have their 4-page paper prepared so that it can be submitted during the conference (please consult the guidelines for document preparation on the website).