Document preparation: instructions for authors

What document to prepare, and when

- All aspiring congress participants must submit a 1-page abstract before the abstract submission deadline (February 24, 2005).
- Authors giving a contributed oral or poster presentation must submit a 4-page paper before the 4-page paper submission deadline (June 23, 2005). This also holds for participants of the FIW Workshop. These papers will be included in the conference CD, to be distributed after the conference.
- Invited speakers, who will prepare a longer paper, can submit their work at the conference.

Layout requirements

All these documents must comply with the following requirements.

Item Requirement
Max. number of pages 1 (abstracts), 4 (4-page papers)
Page size A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm)
Page margins 2.5 cm on all 4 sides, gutter 0.0
Fonts Times, Symbol
Font size 14 pt (title only), 12 pt (all other text)
Line spacing 1.5 lines (21 pt)
Title of paper Centred alignment, bold font 14 pt
List of authors Centred alignment, normal font 12 pt, presenting author underlined
e.g. M. First1, N.N. Second2
Author affiliations Centred alignment, italic font 12 pt
e.g. 1 Institute, City, Country
Text Justified alignment, normal font 12 pt


The following templates are provided as a courtesy to facilitate document preparation. However, no guarantee is provided as to their correct functionality on all platforms. The author remains responsible for checking compliance with the above format requirements.
  • For WYSIWYG text editor users: template file in RTF format (compatible with many text editors, such as MSWord).
  • For LaTeX users: LaTeX class file, LaTeX sample file, sample PDF format figure. (Note: not all LaTeX versions can handle PDF format figures. Yet the sample file should also be able handle PS or EPS format figures after a minor modification - as indicated in the LaTeX sample file).
Format requirements The electronic submission system only accepts Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) files or PS (Postscript) files. Generate such files from the original (MS Word or other) document using e.g. a pdf or postscript printer driver. Check the result using Ghostscript (PS) or Acrobat Reader (PDF). The file size should not exceed 2 MB; reduce the resolution or colour depth of graphics if needed.

Document submission

Submission of abstracts and 4-page papers is exclusively handled by the electronic submission system.

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