Document preparation: poster presentations

The maximum poster size is: 2.00 m (height) x 1.00 m (width). Material to attach the posters to the poster boards will be provided.

Style suggestions:

  • Use large lettering for good readability at a distance of about 2 m (at least font size 24).
  • Try to reduce the amount of text as much as possible by being concise and to the point. Use enumerations.
  • Clearly highlight main results and conclusions.
  • Do not include complete derivations, only provide starting hypotheses and final results (if possible).
  • Do not use an excessive amount of colour, and choose colours for maximum contrast (e.g. do not use yellow or light green letters on a white background, or brown letters on a black background).
  • Use large graphics with thick lines and large markers (dots). Always check that the axis labels are clearly visible, legible and intelligible.
  • Provide units of measurement for all quantitative items (including axis labels), and indicate error bars where possible.

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