Document preparation: invited papers

Invited speakers (see list of invited speakers) have received instructions for the preparation of their full-length papers by e-mail. Invited speakers must not submit a 4-page paper via the electronic submission system.


For more information on paper preparation and lay-out, please refer to the Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion website. Under the tab 'Authors' you will find detailed information on the preparation of your paper, including template files.


Note that you should NOT submit directly to PPCF. You will be expected to deliver your paper AT THE CONFERENCE for refereeing (both as printed paper and electronically).

The special edition of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion is considered by the EPS Plasma Physics Board and the Programme Committee to be an important part of the conference output. Whilst extra work is required of authors to prepare a paper for the start of the conference, in exchange authors benefit from an accelerated refereeing process and prompt publication of the paper. This special treatment cannot be offered to manuscripts that are received after the end of the conference.

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