The conference will be held at the Congress Palace of Tarragona. Its location is indicated on our hotel map. Tarragona is a small but ancient city (founded 218 BC, once capital of the Roman province of Hispania Citerior) on the east coast of Spain, the so-called Costa Dorada (Gold Coast), 90 km south of Barcelona.
See the Layout of the Congress Palace.

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Travel advice

Please check here whether you need a visa for Spain well in advance of your journey. If you need a visa, ask the Spanish Consulate in your country whether you need an invitation letter. If the Consulate requires it (contact the Consulate to check this!), you may request an invitation letter.

Spain's currency is the Euro (check currency conversions).

Weather is usually warm and dry in Tarragona in June-July (23°C on average, maxima between 34 and 39°C; see the National Meteorological Institute; weekly forecast for Tarragona).

Getting there

The main international airport of the region is Barcelona (Map of Barcelona Airport). Direct flight connections from most major European cities to Barcelona are available.
  • An excellent train connection is available (ticket sales at the station):
    - Barcelona Airport ("Aeroport") is connected to the Sants train station by a local train ("Cercanías", 9 minutes, trains every 30 minutes from 6:13 to 23:40; see local train map).
    - From the Sants train station you can take a direct train to Tarragona.
  • A direct bus connection is also available between Barcelona Airport and Tarragona (ticket sales on the bus at the airport and at the bus station in Tarragona). However, take into consideration that the capacity of this connection is limited; thus, it may be convenient to make a prior reservation.
  • In addition, good road connections exist between Barcelona and Tarragona (90 km, but note that parking is not easy in Spanish cities).

An alternative airport is Reus, very close to Tarragona, which however offers few international flights (although RyanAir offers some rather cheap flights from Dublin, Frankfurt, Liverpool and London). From Reus Airport, you may take a bus to Reus and then a bus or train to Tarragona (10 km, see train timetable), or go from Reus to Tarragona directly by car or taxi.

The Tarragona train station ("Estació F.F.C.C.") is in the center of town, close to the Conference Center (see our hotel map).

Airports in Spain
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Tourist information

We recommend requesting information at the local Tourist Office (c/ Mayor, 39, in front of the Cathedral, Tel +34-977-245064, Fax +34-977-245507) regarding local festivities. Notably, Tarragona celebrates the historic festivity of Sant Pere (St. Peter's day, 29th of June) in El Serrallo (the fishermen's neighbourhood), which will include important firework displays on the evening of June 28.

In the week following the conference, many interesting festivities will start both in Tarragona and surrounding towns. In particular, a European fireworks contest will be held at the Miracle Point (Punta del Miracle) on the beach.

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