8th International Workshop on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets

This workshop will take place in parallel during the EPS Conference, from Wednesday, June 29 through Friday, July 1.

The goal of the workshop is to discuss the current state of the art and future perspectives of fast ignition and high-intensity physics.

List of topics:

  • Fast ignition of IFE targets
  • Relativistic laser-plasma interactions
  • Fast electron transport
  • Particle acceleration
  • X-ray generation by short pulses
  • Harmonic generation
  • Alternative ignition concepts
  • Nuclear science by high intensity lasers

To subscribe to and participate in this workshop, please register via the EPS registration procedure and mark the appropriate checkbox on the EPS registration form. Submission of abstracts and papers for this workshop is subject to the same rules (e.g. regarding deadlines) as the general EPS procedure. More information.

Satellite meetings

The meeting location and address of the following satellite meetings is provided here.

6th ITPA committee meeting on SOL/Divertor physics

This workshop will take place after the EPS Conference, from the morning of July 4 through midday July 7.

The goal of this meeting is to bring together knowledge on several SOL/divertor topics with the goal of summarising the current status of those physics emphases and planning future coordinated experiments.

List of probable topics:

  • T retention measurements and removal techniques
  • Materials migration (low-Z, high-Z, chemical erosion, flows)
  • Metals operational experience (e.g. effect of Be on C and W tile erosion, plans for the enhanced JET w/Be first wall)
  • First-wall and divertor loadings (ELMs, disruptions, second separatrix effects...) w/MHD ITPA group
  • Dust
  • Radial transport measurements and analysis (e.g. turbulence measurements, radial transport coefficients...)
  • IEA/ITPA collaborative work - reports and plans

To participate in this meeting, please contact Bruce Lipschultz and Nobuyuki Asakura.

6th ITPA MHD Topical Group Meeting

This meeting will take place after the EPS Conference, from the morning of July 4 through the afternoon of July 6.

The meeting will review recent results obtained on various topics relevant to MHD, disruptions and plasma control for ITER, and other Burning Plasma Experimental devices. In particular, attention will be focussed on the following current high priority research areas:

  • Review progress on, and future directions for, the new disruption database being developed by the MHD Topical Group
  • Discussion of disruption mitigation and power loads (as a joint session with the SOL and Divertor Physics Topical Group)
  • Alfvén Eigenmode damping and comparisons with theory expectations
  • An assessment of seeding mechanisms and other physics issues for NTMs
  • RWM feedback issues
  • Progress on joint ITPA/IEA experiments

To participate in this meeting please contact Tim Hender. Prospective participants should note that they need to be nominated by their ITPA contact person.

8th Workshop on the Electric Fields, Structures, and Relaxation in Edge Plasmas

This workshop will take place after the EPS Conference, from July 3 until July 4.

The goal of this meeting is to discuss the current status of some particular features at the edge of magnetized plasmas.

List of topics:

  • ExB velocity shear and edge transport barriers in magnetically confined plasmas.
  • Edge/SOL turbulent structures. Convective cells.
  • Non-diffusive edge plasma transport.
  • Physics of ELMs (origin and dynamics).
  • MHD relaxation phenomena.
  • Diagnostic techniques for electric fields, fluctuations and plasma flow measurements.

To participate in this meeting, please contact Jana Brotankova. More information.

Workshop (W60) on "Burning Plasma Physics and Simulation"

This workshop will take place after the EPS Conference, from July 4 until July 5, under the auspices of the IEA Large Tokamak Implementing Agreement.

The Workshop will concentrate on burning plasma research in the areas of Plasma Transport and Confinement, MHD Stability and Fast Particle Confinement, Integrated Modelling of Burning Plasmas, and Diagnostics and Control for Burning Plasmas. In each of these areas, the Workshop should:

  • review the status of burning plasma research;
  • identify the need for further research; and
  • propose a road map for burning plasma research.

The Workshop will take place in University Campus, Tarragona, Spain. It will start at 09:00hrs on Monday 4 July 2005 and finish at 17:00hrs on Tuesday 5 July 2005.

Organising Committee for IEA Large Tokamak IA:
EU Contact: J-M Noterdaeme (IPP, Garching)
JA Contact: T. Ozeki (JAERI, Naka)
US Contact: J. Ferron (GA, San Diego)
Local Contact: EPS Local Organizing Committee
Scientific secretary and registration: B. Goncalves (EFDA-JET CSU)
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