Invited plenary/tutorial speakers

V. Antoni Shear flows generated by plasma turbulence and their influence on transport
C. Cavailler Inertial fusion with the LMJ
P. Drake Hydrodynamic instabilities in Astrophysics and ICF
G. Eden Microcavity plasma devices and arrays fabricated in Semiconductor, Ceramic, or Metal/Polymer structures: A new realm of plasma physics and photonics applications
P. Helander The effect of non-inductive current drive on tokamak transport
G. Huysmans ELMs: MHD instabilities at a transport barrier
J. Kirk Relativistic plasmas in pulsar winds
K. Krushelnick Laser-plasma sources of ions - Physics and future applications
H. Loeb Plasma-based ion beam sources
V. Malka Particle acceleration: the laser plasma approach
K. Matzen Overview of recent ICF and HEDP related experiments on the Z-machine
K. Mima Recent results and future prospects on fast ignition research: theory and experiment
A. Murari "Burning Plasma" diagnostics for the physics of JET and ITER
R. Pitts Material erosion and migration in tokamaks
J. Sánchez Keeping the options open: concept improvements and stellarator physics

Invited parallel speakers

K. Becker Environmental and biological applications of microplasmas
J.-P. Boeuf Physics and applications of micro-discharges in dielectric barrier and hollow cathode configurations
P. Brunsell Active control of multiple resistive wall modes
K.H. Burrell ELM suppression in low edge collisionality discharges using n=3 magnetic perturbations
D. Callahan Advances in target design for heavy-ion fusion
F. Castejón Influence of magnetic topology on transport and stability in stellarators
L. Chen Nonlinear mode coupling: a new paradigm for drift wave turbulent spectra in toroidal plasmas
P. Duffy Cosmic ray transport and acceleration
R. Foest Non-thermal atmospheric discharges for surface modification
J. Font General relativistic hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics and their applications
V. Fortov Dusty Plasma Liquid Structure and Transfer Phenomena
S. Galtier Anisotropic wave turbulence in electron MHD
G. Giruzzi Advances in the physics of steady-state plasmas by long pulse experiments on Tore Supra
S. Glenzer The first experiments on the National Ignition Facility
T. Goodman q-Profile requirements for electron ITB formation
J. Graves Sawtooth control in fusion plasmas
O. Gruber ITER operation beyond its baseline scenarios
T. Horbury, M. Forman and S. Oughton MHD turbulence in the solar wind: evolution and anisotropy
F. Imbeaux Multi-machine transport analysis of hybrid discharges from the ITPA Profile Database
F. Jenko Heat and particle transport in tokamaks: advances in nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations
A. Kallenbach Tokamak operation with high-Z plasma facing components
M. Koenig Progress in the study of warm dense matter
M.E. Koepke Interrelated experiments in laboratory and space plasmas
S. Konovalov Role of anomalous transport in onset and evolution of Neoclassical Tearing Modes
B. Labombard Transport-driven scrape-off layer flows and the role of the X-point
S. Lebedev Production of radiatively cooled hypersonic plasma jets and links to astrophysical jets
M. Lehnen The Dynamic Ergodic Divertor
F. Massines Glow dielectric barrier discharges in various atmospheres and particle formation
J. Mizeraczyk Hazardous gas treatment by atmospheric discharges
H. Neumann Broad beam ion sources and some surface processes
A. Pal The experimental and theoretical study of the high-pressure dusty plasma created by a stationary e-beam
M. Peng A component test facility based on the spherical tokamak
V. Pericoli High density internal transport barriers for burning plasma operation
D. Riley X-ray scattering from warm dense matter with relevance to planetary interiors
C. Roach Micro-instability physics as illuminated by the ST
K. Rohlena Characteristics and applications of ion streams produced by long-pulse lasers
S. Rose New experimental possibilities for measuring opacity under conditions in the Sun's interior
Y. Sakamoto Enhanced performance and control issues in JT-60U long pulse discharges
A.A. Samarian Dust as fine electrostatic probes for plasma diagnostic
K. Tachibana and O. Sakai Interaction and control of mm-waves with microplasmas
A. Tuccillo Progess in LHCD: a tool for advanced regimes on ITER
A.Usachev The project "Plasmakristall - 4" PK-4 a dusty plasma experiment in a combined DC/RF I discharge plasma under microgravity conditions. First results and future plans.
B. van Milligen The foundations of diffusion revisited
H.-E. Wagner Investigations of DBDs by cross-correlation spectroscopy
L. Zajícková Synthesis of carbon nanotubes in atmospheric pressure microwave torch
G. Zimbardo Anomalous particle diffusion and Lévy random walk of magnetic field lines in three dimensional solar wind turbulence

Invited parallel speakers of the Workshop on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets

S. Atzeni Overview of ignition conditions and gain curves for the fast ignitor
S.D. Baton Review of experiments on electron transport in high-intensity laser matter interaction
J.R. Davies Basic Physics Issues in Fast Ignition
J.A. Delettrez Hydrodynamic simulations of integrated experiments planned for OMEGA/OMEGA EP laser systems
S.P. Hatchett Hydrodynamics of Conically-Guided Fast-Ignition Targets
S. Karsch High ion temperatures from buried layers irradiated with Vulcan Petawatt
M.H. Key Recent experimental progress in the study of electron and proton heating for fast ignition
R. Kodama Plasma Photonic Devices for High Energy Density Science
K.L. Lancaster Electron energy transport studies in a recent PW laser experiment
A.J. Mackinnon Opportunities for integrated fast Ignition programs
J.T. Mendonca A coupled two-step plasma instability in PW laser plasma Interactions
J. Meyer-ter-Vehn Use of few-cycle PW-range laser pulses in fusion research
M. Murakami Toward realization of hyper-velocities for Impact Ignition
H. Nishimura Study of Fast Electron Transport in Hot Dense Matter Using X-ray Spectroscopy
P.K. Patel Integrated Laser-Target Interaction Experiments on the RAL Petawatt Laser
A. Pukhov Generation of particle beams and X-ray pulses in ultra-relativistic laser-plasma interactions
C. Ren A global simulation for laser driven MeV electrons in fast ignition
M. Roth Laser Accelerated Ions in ICF Research - Prospects and Experiments
S.A. Slutz Fast Ignition Studies at Sandia National Laboratories
R.A. Snavely Advanced Plasma Diagnostics in the Petawatt-Fast Ignition Regime
C. Stoeckl Fuel-assembly experiments with gas-filled cone-in-shell fast-ignitor targets on OMEGA
V.T. Tikhonchuk Ion acceleration in short-laser-pulse interaction with solid foils
J. Zhang Bulk acceleration of ions in intense laser interaction with foams