Submission of contributions (NOW CLOSED)

This section provides information on the submission procedure for abstracts and 4-page papers.

Please note the following:

  1. Read the section on document preparation carefully before submitting any document. Check that your file complies with all requirements before attempting to submit it.
  2. By submitting an abstract, you bind yourself to submitting a conference contribution, if selected. Do not submit an abstract if you do not expect to (be able to) submit a conference contribution.
  3. Only contributions that have actually been presented at the conference (as oral or poster) will be included in the conference proceedings. Submitting a 4-page paper therefore does not imply automatic inclusion in the proceedings.
  4. Submission of abstracts: Time slot [14 through 24 February, 2005].
  5. Submission of 4-page papers: Time slot [13 June through 23 June, 2005].

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