Stellarator Workshop: The Stellarator Workshop covers all aspects of fusion research of helical systems and related concepts. In detail, the following topics will be covered:
  • Recent experimental projects
  • Transport and confinement improvement
  • MHD equilibrium and stability
  • Turbulence and transport
  • Particle and power handling
  • Divertors and impurity control/transport
  • Plasma heating
  • Diagnostics
  • Configuration optimization
  • New devices
  • Reactor studies

IAEA Technical Meeting:

Aim of the IAEA Technical Meeting will be to cover technical issues in the theory of stellarators so that this meeting will concentrate on the progress of computational efforts. Overviews in this area of research should, however, be placed in the Stellarator Workshop. The topics list is provisory and may be updated.


The official conference language is English.