Invited review speakers

J. Sánchez Keeping the options open for a reactor: issues on the stellarator road map
A Komori Overview of progress of LHD experiment
J. Nuehrenberg Critical issues and comparison of different optimized stellarators
M. Yokoyama Internal transport barrier physics in helical systems
A. Weller Significance of MHD effects in stellarator confinement

Invited speakers

T. Estrada Electron internal transport barriers and magnetic topology in the TJ-II stellarator
D. Hartmann Status of construction and assembly of W7-X
J. Lyon Optimization of the ARIES-CS compact stellarator reactor parameters
S.Okamura Improved confinement and related physics study in CHS
J. Canik Effects of Quasi-symmetry on Particle and Thermal Transport in HSX
B. Blackwell Recent results from the H-1 Heliac
S. Sakakibara Recent progress of MHD study in high-beta plasmas of LHD
W. Reiersen Progress in NCSX and QPS design and construction
T. Mizuuchi Configuration control for the confinement improvement in Heliotron J
N. Skvortsova New approach of statistical analysis and modelling of turbulent processes in plasma
B. van Milligen A statistical approach to strange diffusion phenomena
K. Tanaka Effect of magnetic configuration on density fluctuation and particle transport in LHD
H. Bolt Materials for the Plasma-Facing Components of Steady State Stellarators
N. Nakajima Properties of ballooning modes in the heliotron configurations
A. Boozer Equations and applications of perturbed plasma equilibria
D. Spong Sheared plasma flow generation- a new measure for stellarator optimization
V. Parail Effect of ripple-induced transport on H-mode performance in tokamaks
S. Kitajima Study of magnetic Fourier components effect on ion viscosity in the Tohoku University Heliac
S. Masuzaki Overview and Future Plan of Helical Diverter Study in LHD
H. Laqua The steady state ECRH-system at Wendelstein 7-X
T. Seki Long pulse plasma discharge experiment by ICRF heating in LHD
P. Thomas Suppresion of large edge localized modes with edge resonant magnetic fields in high confinement DIII-D plasmas
A. Dinklage Assessment of Global Stellarator Confinement: Status of the International Stellarator Confinement Scaling Database
J. Miyazawa Self-sustained detachment observed in LHD
L.P. Ku New classes of quasi-axisymmetric configurations
H.Miura Nonlinear Evolution of MHD instability in LHD
C. Hidalgo On the role of turbulence on momentum redistribution in fusion devices

Oral papers

T. Pedersen First results from the Columbia Non-Neutral Torus (CNT)
S. Shchepetov Review of L-2M Stellarator Recent Results
H. Takahashi Hot Cathode Biasing Experiment in Compact Helical System
Ya. Kolesnichenko Novel physics involved in interpretation of Alfvenic activity accompanied by thermal crashes in W7-AS
D.J. O'Connor Potential Ternary Compounds for First Wall Fusion Applications
T. Morisaki Recent results of LID experiments on LHD
F. Sardei Recycling and impurity retention in high-density, improved-confinement plasmas in W7-AS
M. Gasparotto Critical design issues of Wendelstein 7-X
A. Melnikov Heavy Ion Beam Probe investigations of plasma potential in ECRH and NBI in the TJ-II stellarator
Y. Turkin Current control by ECCD for W7-X
M. Mikhailov Quasi-isodynamic Configuration with large number of periods
Y. Nakamura Development of integrated simulation system for helical plasmas