The Transport Topical Group / Transport Task Force meeting is organised by Spain's National Fusion Laboratory at CIEMAT.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee of the meeting consists of the coordinators of the TTG projects:

C. Hidalgo (chair), C. Angioni, C. Bourdelle, B. Duval, C. Giroud, P. Hennequin, A. Kirk, H. Meyer;

and the TTG scientific committee:

M. Beurskens, A. Fasoli, F. Imbeaux, V. Naulin, A. Peeters, F. Ryter, B. Weyssov, H. Wilson, F. Zonca;

with the addition of:

P. Diamond (Chair of the 2009 US TTF), S. Kaye (Chair of the 2011 US TTF), K. Ida (Japan), J. Dong (China), and J.-Y. Kim (Korea).

Local Organising Committee

B.Ph. van Milligen (chair) and C. Hidalgo

Previous EU-US TTF meetings