Arrival by airplane

Most participants will arrive in Spain at the international airport of Madrid - Barajas (400 km from Córdoba). The best way to get from Madrid to Córdoba is to take the high-speed train (called "AVE"). This train leaves from the Atocha/RENFE train station. From the airport, you can get to the Atocha/RENFE station by metro at little cost (suggested metro route), or you can take a taxi (about 40 €).

Alternatively, Sevilla and Málaga also possess international airports offering flight connections to several major European cities. The distance between Sevilla and Córdoba (150 km) or between Málaga and Córdoba (170 km) can again be covered using the high-speed train.

From the airport to Córdoba

The high-speed train (AVE) is a convenient way to go from Madrid, Sevilla or Málaga to Córdoba. Travel times are only 1h45m (from Madrid), 45m (from Sevilla), or 1h (from Málaga). You can either make reservations for the train, or simply buy a ticket at the counter.

Discount on train tickets: We have negotiated a 30% discount on train tickets for congress participants and accompanying persons. To obtain the discount, you need to show a discount voucher when buying your train ticket. Click here and click on "send" to obtain this voucher. Once you receive it, please print it (in colour) and fill in your name (in the field "Titular"). Please note: the discount only applies to travel between September 2 and 15, and to tickets bought at the station (it is not applicable to tickets bought on-line).

Alternatively, you may want to rent a car to explore Spain.

In Córdoba

Córdoba itself is small enough to do everything on foot (with the exception of the Renfe train station, that will be a little too far from the city centre for most people). Even so, it may sometimes be convenient to make use of the taxi service in view of the prevailing heat, Córdoba being one of the hottest spots in Europe. Taxi fares are reasonable (a typical inner city trip would cost around 5 €).

City maps:
Córdoba Street Map (version 2006)
Córdoba Street Map (version 2009)
(On the above maps, the Congress Palace is located right at the "i" symbol next to the Mosque/Cathedral in the very heart of the city.)

General information:
Córdoba in the Wikipedia
Córdoba Tourism
Córdoba Tourism

Travel advisory

Beware of pickpockets, especially in busy places (airports, train stations, restaurants). Keep an eye on your belongings. Do not accept any services you have not asked for (e.g., taxis: go to official taxi stands).

Currency and money

Spain's currency is the Euro. Credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs are plentiful. It is not necessary to leave tips in restaurants (although it will be appreciated).
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Córdoba in September is hot (temperature low/mean/high: 16.2 / 24.0 / 31.7 °C) and dry. Sweaters and raincoats are not needed.
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