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Upcoming Fusion and Plasma events

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Date (2017) Location Conference/Meeting
February 27 - March 3 Miramare, Trieste, Italy 2017 Joint ICTP-IAEA School on Atomic Processes in Plasmas
March 29-31 Santiago, Chile 23rd IAEA Technical Meeting on the Research Using Small Fusion Devices
April 18-21 Bordeaux, France 2nd European Conference on Plasma Diagnostics (ECPD)
May 30 - June 2 Barcelona, Spain 10th CHAOS 2017 International Conference
June 26-30 Belfast, UK 44th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS)
September 18-20 Leuven, Belgium 25th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas (ICNSP2017)
September 18-23 Chengdu, China 1st Asia-Pacific conference on Plasma Physics) (AAPPS-DPP)
September 25-29 Kyoto, Japan 13th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT)
October 2-6 Kyoto, Japan 21st International Stellarator-Heliotron Workshop (ISHW2017)
October 9-12 Athens, Greece 17th European Fusion Theory Conference (EFTC)
December 5-8 Toki, Japan 26th International Toki Conference


Date (2018) Location Conference/Meeting
April 10-12 Princeton, NJ, USA 18th Coordinated Working Group Meeting (CWGM)
April 16-20 ICTP - Miramare, Trieste, Italy 2018 Joint ICTP-IAEA School and Workshop on Fundamental Methods for Atomic, Molecular and Materials Properties in Plasma Environments
May 8-11 San Diego, CA, USA US Transport Task Force meeting (US-TTF)
June 4-8 Vancouver, Canada 19th International Congress on Plasma Physics (ICPP)
June 5-8 Rome, Italy 11th Chaotic Modeling and Simulation International Conference (CHAOS2018)
June 17-22 Princeton, NJ, USA 23rd International Conference on Plasma-Surface Interactions (PSI)
June 18-21 Prague, Czech Republic 28th Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology (SPPT)
July 2-6 Prague, Czech Republic 45th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics (EPS)
September 11-14 Seville, Spain 23rd Joint EU-US Transport Task Force meeting (EU-US TTF)
September 16-21 Giardini Naxos, Italy 30th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT)
October 22-27 Ahmedabad, India 27th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC)

Periodic meetings

The following FusionWiki entries attempt to both provide a record of historic meetings and direct links to proceedings:

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