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This page is meant to provide an overview of (scientific) journals of relevance for fusion and plasma physics, along with a description of their focus and impact (IF = Impact factor). Such a list could be helpful to choose the optimal forum for a publication. It is in need of expansion (please help).

Fusion and plasma physics

Journal (publisher) Description IF (year)
Nuclear Fusion (IOP) The journal covers all aspects of research, theoretical and practical, relevant to controlled thermonuclear fusion. 4.04 (2015)
Plasma Sources Science and Technology (IOP) A single interdisciplinary forum for physicists, engineers and materials scientists working in the increasingly significant field of low-temperature plasma science. 2.808 (2015)
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (IOP) Covering all aspects of the physics of hot, highly ionised plasmas in the laboratory, the ionosphere and in space as well as in magnetic and inertial-confinement fusion. 2.404 (2015)
Physics of Plasmas (AIP) Physics of Plasmas, published by the American Institute of Physics with the cooperation of The American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics, is devoted to original experimental and theoretical contributions to the physics of plasmas. 2.207 (2015)
Journal of Nuclear Materials (Elsevier) The Journal of Nuclear Materials publishes high quality papers in materials research for nuclear applications, primarily fission reactors, fusion reactors, and similar environments including radiation areas of charged particle accelerators. 2.199 (2015)
Contributions to Plasma Physics (Wiley) Basic physics of low-temperature plasmas; Strongly correlated non-ideal plasmas; Plasma discharges - microplasmas, reactive, and atmospheric pressure plasmas; Plasma diagnostics; Plasma-surface interaction; Plasma technology; Plasma medicine 1.255 (2015)
Journal of Fusion Energy (Springer) The Journal of Fusion Energy features contributions and review papers pertinent to the development of thermonuclear fusion as a useful power source. Intended to serve as a journal of record for publication of research results, the journal also provides a forum for discussion of the broader policy and planning issues that have played, and will continue to play, a crucial role in the fusion program. 0.985 (2015)
Journal of Plasma Physics (Cambridge) JPP aspires to be the intellectual home of those who think of plasma physics as a fundamental discipline. The journal will particularly focus on publishing research on laboratory plasmas, space physics and plasma astrophysics that takes advantage of the rapid ongoing progress in instrumentation and computing to advance fundamental understanding of multiscale plasma physics. The Journal welcomes submissions of analytical, numerical and experimental work: both original research and tutorial- or review-style papers, as well as proposals for its Lecture Notes series. 0.981 (2015)
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (IEEE) Plasma science and engineering, including: magnetofluid dynamics and thermionics; plasma dynamics; gaseous electronics and arc technology; controlled thermonuclear fusion; electron, ion, and plasma sources; space plasmas; high-current relativistic electron beams; laser-plasma interactions; diagnostics; plasma chemistry and colloidal and solid-state plasmas. 0.958 (2015)
Fusion Engineering and Design (Elsevier) The journal accepts papers about experiments (both plasma and technology), theory, models, methods, and designs in areas relating to technology, engineering, and applied science aspects of magnetic and inertial fusion energy. 0.842 (2012)
Plasma Physics Reports (Springer) The journal covers the following topics: high-temperature plasma physics related to the problem of controlled nuclear fusion based on magnetic and inertial confinement; physics of cosmic plasma, including magnetosphere plasma, sun and stellar plasma, etc.; gas discharge plasma and plasma generated by laser and particle beams. The journal also publishes papers on such related topics as plasma electronics, generation of radiation in plasma, and plasma diagnostics. 0.664 (2012)
Fusion Science and Technology (ANS) 0.517 (2012)
Plasma Science and Technology (IOP) PST publishes novel experimental and theoretical results showing progress of interdisciplinary and application sciences in the fields related to plasma physics. 0.380 (2009)
Plasma and Fusion Research (Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research)
Journal of Plasma and Fusion Research SERIES (Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research)


Journal (publisher) Description IF (year)
Computer Physics Communications (Elsevier) Computer Physics Communications publishes research papers and computer program descriptions in computational physics and physical chemistry: the focus is on computational methods and techniques rather than results. 3.078 (2012)
Journal of Computational Physics (Elsevier) Journal of Computational Physics thoroughly treats the computational aspects of physical problems, presenting techniques for the numerical solution of mathematical equations arising in all areas of physics. The journal seeks to emphasize methods that cross disciplinary boundaries. 2.138 (2012)

General physics

Journal (publisher) Description IF (year)
Reviews of Modern Physics (APS) 44.982 (2012)
Physical Review Letters (APS) 7.943 (2012)
Europhysics Letters (IOP) 2.893 (2009)
Physical Review E (APS) Physical Review E, interdisciplinary in scope, focuses on many-body phenomena, including recent developments in quantum and classical chaos and soft matter physics. It has sections on statistical physics, equilibrium and transport properties of fluids, liquid crystals, complex fluids, polymers, chaos, fluid dynamics, plasma physics, classical physics, and computational physics. In addition, the journal features sections on two rapidly growing areas: biological physics and granular materials. 2.313 (2012)
Review of Scientific Instruments (AIP) 1.602 (2012)
European Physical Journal D (Springer) Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics 1.513 (2012)
Physica Scripta (IOP) 1.032 (2012)
European Journal of Physics (IOP) 0.644 (2012)

General science

Journal (publisher) Description IF (year)
Nature 38.597 (2012)
Science 31.027 (2012)
Nature Physics 19.352 (2012)

On-line publications

Journal (publisher) Description IF (year)
ArXiV Non-refereed preprint service

Impact factors

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