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TJ-I at the end of its life

The TJ-I tokamak was the first magnetic confinement device at CIEMAT (then JEN). Its name is an abbreviation for 'Tokamak de la Junta' (de Energía Nuclear, i.e., JEN) number I. It started operation in 1983, and has been operational until 1995. Ohmic heating was used.

This device has been the subject of many research programmes dedicated to the study of physical processes in tokamak plasmas:

  • basic confinement studies (transport, electric fields, isotope effect)
  • edge physics
  • turbulence studies (driving mechanisms, turbulent transport)
  • plasma-wall interaction (carbonization, boronization)
  • diagnostic development (microwave reflectometry, radiation detectors, probes, atomic beams,...)

Parameter Value Unit
Major radius, R0: 0.30 m
Mean plasma radius, a: 0.10 m
Plasma current, Ip: 30 kA
Toroidal field, BT: 1.0 - 1.4 T
Electron density, ne: 1.3 1019 m-3

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