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The core coil pack consists of three coils: the circular core (CC), the helix 1 (HX1), and the helix 2 (HX2).

The TJ-II coil system is listed in the table below. All coils are directly cooled by water flowing trough longitudinal holes in the conductors. All coils have a reinforced structure to avoid mechanical deformations.

Coil Number Size (m) Turns
Circular (CC) 1 R = 1.5 24
Helical (HX) 1 R = 1.5
swing = 0.07
Toroidal (TF) 28 r = 0.425 8
Toroidal (TF) 4 r = 0.475 9
Vertical (VF) 2 R = 2.25 16
Compensation (OH) 2 R = 0.78 20
Compensation (OH) 2 R = 2.29 1
Radial (R) 2 R = 0.74 7
Radial (R) 2 R = 2.24 5

The main helical field is produced by the CC, HX, and TF coils. The vertical field coils (VF) allow positioning the magnetic axis. The ohmic coils (OH) can generate a loop voltage of 0.1 V, intended to cancel spurious toroidal currents. The radial coils (R) produce a trimming radial field of up to 100 G, intended to compensate stray fields.

TJ-II Coils. Red: central. Yellow: helical. Blue: toroidal. Green: vertical. Brown and green: radial.

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