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Wendelstein 7-AS
Wendelstein 7-AS

The Wendelstein 7-AS (Advanced Stellarator) was located at the Max Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik (IPP) in Garching, Germany. The denomination 'advanced' refers to the use of modular (non-planar) coils. It has been operated from 1988 to July, 2002. [1] Its successor is the W7-X stellarator.

Main parameters

Parameter Value
Major radius, R0 2 m
Minor radius, a ≤ 0.18 m
Periodicity 5
Nr. of coils 45
Plasma volume 1 m3
Toroidal field, BT ≤ 3 T
Rotational transform 0.25 ≤ ι(a)/2π ≤ 0.7
Heating 5.6 MW
Pulse length 5 s

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  1. M. Hirsch, J. Baldzuhn, C. Beidler, et al., Major results from the stellarator Wendelstein 7-AS, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 50 (2008) 053001